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Add a New Business

Who can add a business listing?

Adding a business is a Member privilege: any Member can add a business listing for a business they own or are legally authorised to represent. A business listing may be any of these:

  • A public or private limited company
  • A co-operative, partnership, or sole trader
  • A non-profit, charitable, political or religious organisation
  • A club or society
  • A part-time business venture

The main conditions are that the listing must be honest, legal, and must be kept up-to-date. For the full conditions, see the Pink-Pound Terms and Conditions, linked from the bottom of every page.

How much does it cost to add a business?

Listing a Business in Pink-Pound is usually completely Free of charge. There are only two exceptions, which attract an annual fee:

  • If you list a Premium Rate telephone number (and we encourage you not to) then there is a penalty listing charge. There is a nominal fee for an 084* or 087* number; and a higher fee for 09* and 070* personal numbers
  • If you make an x-rated business listing (which is defined as a listing unsuitable for an 8-year old) there is an admin charge.

Although a Pink-Pound listing is free, new listings have to be voted-in by the Members, who want to their loyalty to be recognised. Although Members have a number of criteria on which to base their vote, most businesses are expected to register a generous Member offer. The cost of providing a Member offer means that instead of buying advertising space (which is a risk because it may attract no customers), you can provide a Member benefit on your own choice of terms, and to actual purchasing customers.

How do I list my business (or organisation)

To list a business (or organisation), you first need to be a confirmed Member of Pink-Pound. After becoming a Member, you can:

  1. Log-in to Pink-Pound using the box at the top-right of every screen
  2. Click "My Businesses" in the logged-in box (or from the list of options in your "My Account") screen
  3. Click the "Create a Business" button and set-up your business listing. (See the Help page on "Edit Listing Details")
  4. Click "Publish" on the last page of the Add/Edit Listing Details Screens when your business is fully prepared (see the Help page on "Publishing a Business")
  5. If you made a chargeable listing, make sure you have registered valid payment details in "My Account"
  6. Promote your Listing to get votes and testimonials by clicking on the Promote link from your "My Businesses" page
  7. Keep checking your listing throughout the one-week Candidate period: use the "View Stats" function to check-out reasons for any negative votes and do what you can to make sure your business is accepted.

What if the button on "My Businesses" page says I can't create a business?

These are the times you cannot create a listing:

  • If you have not confirmed your Membership e-mail address
  • If your status is "Awaiting Payment Details" (for example, if you are an international Member who hasn't entered your payment details)
  • If your Membership status is "Suspended"
  • If you are blocked from creating a business (if one of your businesses fails the Member vote, you are blocked from creating a new business or re-publishing your failed business for 6 months. In this case a message on the failed business will say when your blocked-period ends)
  • If you already have a non-Active listing (which means a business with any status other than "Active")
  • If you already have the maximum number of businesses (the maximum is three businesses, but if you have a valid reason for needing more, you can make a case using the Feedback page).

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