Sending, Viewing and Contributing E-Cards

What are Pink-Pound E-Cards all about?

Pink-Pound e-cards have the popular e-card categories you're used to with single-sex themes. And there are also Civil Partnership, Pride and Coming-Out cards you won't find on most sites.

How does it work?

Sending an e-card is a simple, 4-step process:

  1. Select a Category: either click on a graphic or use the list under the left-hand menus. You can filter just categories for Male or Female if you like.
  2. Select a Card: choose one of the cards in the category, or "Back" to return to select another occasion.
  3. Write your Card: You can send one card to up to 12 recipients. (Each recipient will see only their own name).
    • You can set the e-card to send in the future if you want to
    • You'll get a mail when a recipient views the card you sent unless you deselect the option
    • You'll be able to set-up a reminder for annual events, unless you deselect the option.
  4. Preview your Card: if everything's ok, click Send, otherwise click Make Changes. You'll be prompted to log-in if you're not logged-in already.

Why do I have to log-in to send an E-Card?

To prevent abuse of the e-card system, you have to be logged-in with and have a confirmed e-mail address. Don't worry if you're not yet a Member - you can join when you click Send (it's free and quick to join). The e-card won't be sent until you've confirmed your e-mail address.

Does the Receiver need to be a Member?

No, receivers will receive an e-mail from your Pink-Pound registered e-mail address, and will be able to view the card just by clicking the link in that e-mail.

Why aren't there more cards?

E-Cards sounds like an easy, cheap service to provide, doesn't it? But every image that doesn't have to be made, has an owner already. designers have started this service by making a Pinky e-card and a Flash e-card for every category.

But if you are an artist, photographer, Flash animator or electronic technology artist; and whether your themes are fun or adult, please submit your work and get your talent noticed!

And if you're a business, you can sponsor an e-card or a series of e-cards, and get the credit for investment from Pink-Pound members.

What if I want to submit e-cards?

  1. Contact and tell us what you're thinking of designing. You can submit photographs, drawings, paintings, Flash animations, PhotoShop or Illustrator creations. (The existing e-cards show the quality level you need to reach to get your designs published.)
  2. If your e-cards are published, you can use them as a portfolio for your work. You'll be credited for your work, and have it linked to your business listing, if you've made one to market your talent!