Managing your Business Listing Gallery

Creating an Album

Pink-Pound gives you 1MB of space to upload your pictures. Depending on file size, that could be up to 50 enticing pictures to show off your products or service.

Why would I create an album?

Uploading a photo album is one of the most powerful tools you can wield, to make your product or service attractive to users and Members.

Important Web Fact Number One is that people hate reading web pages. So whether you're a retail, trade or professional service, an "exciting" sports centre or a "dull" accountant: no business or organisation exists that won't make their service offering more attractive with photos, drawings or cartoons.

Here are some ideas to think about:

  • How can I show my business is friendly, accessible, professional and real? Photos of one or a group of people in your business at work can be very helpful
  • How can I show my business as attractive? Restaurants can show their dishes, decorators and crafts specialists can show their achievements, professional services can represent their efficiency, technologies or interaction with satisfied customers, shops can showcase their wares, artists and hairdressers can show their designs

How do I add pictures to the album?

Once you have your pictures on your PC, you can upload them to your album like this:

  1. Click the "Browse button" in the "Business Listing Gallery"
  2. Select your first picture
  3. Add a comment, then click the "Upload" button. The picture will be uploaded and added to the gallery.

Your gallery size and available space are shown under the image upload box, and a thumbnail of pictures with the caption you gave is shown underneath. Using the buttons below each image, you can edit a caption or remove a picture.

How can I re-order pictures

At the moment, that facility is not provided. If you need it, please tell us using the Feedback page.

What size and shape should album pictures be?

Here are the full details:

  • You can upload your graphic in common web graphics formats (.jpg, .gif or .png), as long as the file size is no more than 200KB
  • The dimensions are up to you, but square logos will have maximum impact in Search, Browse and Judge Candidate results pages
  • The size of the graphic can be whatever you like, but it will be automatically reduced (proportionally) to a maximum of 259px wide and a maximum of 340px high. If you use a graphics program on your PC to set a size within these dimensions and then upload it, the quality may be higher.

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