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Editing Business Details

Business Details

The first page of setting-up a listing is for:

  • Choosing and Reserving your business name
  • Entering profile and category data that Members can use for locating your listing and sorting it in lists
  • Entering contact data (which you can choose to make public on your listing, or not).

Filling-in the Information

In your Pink-Pound listing, most of the items are not compulsory, although most businesses will find them useful in presenting their business and making a persuasive case for Member loyalty. Only in this first page most of the data is required, but many items have a checkbox which will suppress the entry from appearing in your listing if you want to do so.

You don't have to complete the whole form right away. As long as you've entered at least your business name, you can click the "Save and Come Back Later" button at the bottom of the page. When you edit your listing again, you'll be able to continue where you left off.

If you want to secure the details you've entered so-far, just click the "Save Now" button.

When you've completed Set-up Page 1 (at least all the mandatory items) you can click "Next Page". You'll only be able to continue to the next page if your entries contains no errors.(See below for guidance.)

Choosing and Reserving Your Business Name

When you create your Business Listing, the first task is to give a unique name for your business.

  • Enter a Business Name. (Business Name is the only field which is required before you can save the page.)
  • If your chosen Business Name already exists you will be asked to choose another. (This is quite possible, because many businesses in different towns share the same name.) Adding the area or town name is a good way to make it unique and easy for Members to distinguish.
  • Your business name will be reserved for you as soon as you save the page or continue to the Next Page. From that time on, the Business Name can no longer be changed.

Choosing Your Business Category and Sub-Category

The Business Category and Sub-Category help users find your business in many ways:

  • Browsing to your listing from the Browse screen
  • Finding your listing in a list of similar businesses to one of their Favourites, Recently visited businesses or the listing their currently viewing (via the "breadcrumb" links at the top of each page
  • Searching with the standard or advanced search
  • Receiving a newsletter of Sales and Coupons for Business Categories that interest them

You can select your Business Category and Sub-category in two ways:

  • With a keyword search
  • Selecting from a list

How to Select by Keyword:

  1. Click "Select by keyword", in the "Business Identity" section of Add/Edit Listing Step 1 of 3
  2. Enter a word (or part of a word that describes your business), then click "Find Keyword in Categories". For example, a bookkeeper could enter "book", "bookkeeping", "accountant", or "accounts"
  3. Select the best Category to describe your business from the list of search results by clicking on it... or try another search
  4. If no results are returned and you can't find any suitable category, you can request a new sub-category.

How to Select from a List:

  1. Click "Select from a list", in the "Business Identity" section of Add/Edit Listing Step 1 of 3
  2. Choose a Main Category from the first list
  3. Then choose a Sub-category from the second list
  4. If you can't find a suitable Sub-category, you can request a new sub-category.

How to Request a New Sub-Category:

  1. Click the "Click here" link which appears after selecting by keyword and finding no result, or after selecting a Main Category from the list and before a sub-category is selected
  2. Fill-in the pop-out form by choosing a Main Category (these are fixed... you can't request a new Main Category) and entering your requested new sub-category. Then click the "Request Sub-Category" button
  3. Your request will be referred to Pink-Pound Admin, and your sub-category will be temporarily set as the "General" sub-category of the Main Category you chose
  4. Pink-Pound Admin will set a sub-category for you - either by creating the one you requested, adding new keywords to an existing category or by selecting an existing category for you. You will receive an e-mail to let you know what's been done
  5. Continue to set-up your listing. Pink-Pound Admin will only process your New Sub-category request after you have progressed further through the listing set-up and they can see clearly why you need an extra sub-category.

What are Credentials, Customer Base, Service Area and Distance Selling?

These categories are displayed in your Listing Profile, and can be used to filter Search, Browse and "Judge Candidates" results to help Users refine their Search results.

Service Area and Distance Selling are also used when preparing the Member Newsletter, to give Sales and Coupons to Members who can benefit from them.

E-Mail Address

When you create your listing, the e-mail address you enter will need to be confirmed before your Business Listing can be viewed in the Pink-Pound directory. (If the e-mail address is the same one used by any of the Contacts for the Business, you won't be asked to confirm it.) The e-mail address confirmation will be sent the first time you click "Publish".

If your listing is already live, changing your e-mail address will remove your listing from the directory, but your new e-mail address will not be shown in the public directory unless or until it has been confirmed.

The e-mail address you enter will only be accepted if it is entered in the correct format and if you use a valid e-mail domain. Please take care to enter your e-mail address correctly.

If you don't want to display your e-mail address in your listing, un-tick the "Display?" checkbox. You will still receive e-mails Pink-Pound need to send to you for admin purposes, and you will still receive enquiries from Pink-Pound Members, sent using the Message system on your listing page.

Note: If you are worried about receiving spam messages after posting your e-mail address on a web page, understand that your e-mail address is protected from spam robots. Your e-mail address will be displayed in your listing as a graphic which robots find it hard to read, the link will be encoded which only a robot programmed specifically to attack this web site could read, and the site is further defended in other ways.

Web Address

When you enter a web address, Pink-Pound visits your site to make sure it exists. If a site can't be found, an error message will be displayed. If you think your site should have been accepted, first paste the URL you entered into your web browser to make sure the page is displayed, then send Feedback to report the problem.

Listing Display Contact

You can select the listing's primary contact, any business contact for the listing, or no contact to be published in your business listing.


Your primary business address (with post code) must be entered, even if you choose not to display it in your listing. The address will be used to build a Google Map (which you can configure in Step 2), and the post code will be used all over Pink-Pound, to sort and filter your business in lists.

UK post codes are always validated, but it is possible that the Post Office may have made changes we don't know about. If your post code is rejected and you're very sure it's correct, please give us Feedback, telling us the post code you're trying to enter.

Entering Phone Numbers

A landline phone number is required for admin purposes, whether you choose to display it in your listing or not.(Pink-Pound will contact you if a problem is found or reported with your business, and will usually try to phone once a year to check that your listing details are up-to-date.)

This site is for the benefit of Members, and for the benefit of Pink-Pound businesses seeking Member loyalty. We can imagine very few reasons a business or organisation would solicit loyalty by forcing them to pay a premium rate to make contact. However many businesses choose to do just that, so Pink-Pound allows Premium Rate numbers as long as they are clearly marked, and charges an annual premium for businesses that insist on using them. There is a lower rate for 084* and 087* numbers and a higher rate for 09* and 070* numbers. Customers are automatically advised about the calling cost from a standard BT landline for dialling premium numbers (the charge advice is a guide, and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date). UK free dial numbers should be entered as Premium Rate numbers, but there is no charge.

Landline and Fax numbers must be numbers charged at a standard landline rate. They can be international numbers, but they must not be international premium numbers which are absolutely forbidden on Pink-Pound. (Note: listing a premium rate international number is one of the best ways to have your listing and your account permanently suspended.) If you have a premium rate fax number, simply omit it from the listing.

Telephone numbers can be entered as dialled from the UK (eg. 0207 123 456), or in international format (eg +44 207 123 456 or 0044 207 123 456). International numbers must be entered in one of the international formats. If your line has an extension number, you can mark it x1234 or Ext 1234.

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