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Editing How-to-find-us

Filling-in "How-to-find-us"

Use this section if you want to give users an explanation of:

  • Where your premises are
  • How to find your premises from different directions (eg. "From Manchester", "From Birmingham", "From the Airport")
  • How to find your premises using different forms of transport (eg. "By Bus", "By Car", "By Plane")

How is it displayed?

"How-to-find-us" directions are displayed near your Google Map in the centre block of your listing.

  • Each paragraph shows the title in boldface and the description in normal text
  • You can display up to six "How-to-find-us" paragraphs. There is a 200-character limit for each paragraph
  • If you don't want to display "How-to-find-us", leave it blank or un-tick the "Display?" checkbox.

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