Adding Your Own Content

Free Text

At the bottom of your listing you have an unlimited area for your own content. You may want to include descriptions of your products and/or services, menus, price lists, mission, outline of your major customers... it's up to you.

  • If you're an HTML and CSS enthusiast, you can write your own mark-up.
  • Otherwise you can type or paste your own content and use the word-processor like controls to format it.

What can I include in this section?

It's quite like the free-text area in e-bay: most things are possible, but some things are blocked for security reasons. If you're entering HTML, these are the things you should note:

  • CSS can only be added in-line (which means as style="xxx" in any element)
  • External images and external links cannot be used
  • IFRAMEs cannot be used
  • SCRIPT tags cannot be used
  • Comment tags cannot be used, because they can be used to conceal code
  • IMG tags cannot be used at the moment

To start entering HTML, just click the "HTML" button in the editor.

Using the WYSIWYG Editor

Here are a few tips for using the WYSIWYG editor:

  • You can paste ready-formatted text (including tables) from MS-Word by clicking the "W" button and pasting your content. This is the easiest way to add Free-text content for most users
  • Adjust the size of the editor window by dragging the bottom right corner
  • Add a format (such as Bold, Italic, Colour, Text Size) to some words or characters by selecting them with the mouse, and then changing the setting

Why can't I add pictures in free-text?

At the moment we've not provided that facility because external images can introduce some site security issues and internal images could take a lot of space on the Pink-Pound server. If you'd value such a facility, send Feedback to request it.

You can suppress Free-text from displaying in your listing by un-ticking the "Display" checkbox.

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