Adding a Logo

Adding Your Logo

A logo brands your listing, and makes it stand out from all the others. It is prominently displayed in your listing, as well as in search and browse results and in the "Judge Candidates" list and any Sales and Coupons promoted for you in the Pink-Pound Member Newsletter.

What if I don't add a logo?

If you don't add a logo, a standard, bland, Pinky logo will be used in its place - in Search, Browse and Judge Candidates lists and in the Member Newsletter. But you're missing out on a chance to distinguish your listing and your business, and it may well attract much less interest (and fewer views).

What if I don't have a logo graphic?

If you only have a graphic on your printed stationery, you can scan and prepare it. If you don't have a logo at all, you can either design one yourself, have a designer work on a logo for you, or use one of the free internet services for creating a quick-and-easy logo.

Either way, if you have problems doing it yourself, why not ask a friend to help in exchange for a free drink or two? And if you haven't got a logo now, feel free to add one later.

What size and shape should logo be?

Here are the full details:

  • You can upload your graphic in common web graphics formats (.jpg, .gif or .png), as long as the file size is no more than 200KB
  • The dimensions are up to you, but square logos will have maximum impact in Search, Browse and Judge Candidate results pages
  • The size of the graphic can be whatever you like, but it will be automatically reduced (proportionally) to a maximum of 174px wide and a maximum of 174px high. If you use a graphics program on your PC to set a size within these dimensions and then upload it, the quality may be higher.

How do I upload a logo?

When you have a logo prepared on your PC, click "Browse" to search and choose the graphics file, then click the "Upload" button. Your logo will be displayed for you. Some logos look better with a border and others without. You can tick or un-tick the checkbox for your preference.

How do I delete a logo?

So far there's no facility to delete a logo; but you can replace it with a different logo at any time.

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