Adding a Google Map

Adding a Google Map to your listing

If your business has an address for customers to visit (or perhaps even if it doesn't), many customers will find a map invaluable. This excellent service by Google has been included in many sites, but Pink-Pound gives you some extra configuration options:

  • Map is suppressed for listings where a valid map couldn't be generated
  • Switch the Google map on or off according to your need
  • Set the zoom level of your Google map

How do I add a Google Map?

You can add a Google Map like this:

  1. Make sure you entered your address correctly and clearly in "Add/Edit Listing" Step 1. (Your map is generated from this data)
  2. Show or disable the map in your listing by adjusting the "Display?" check-box if necessary
  3. Zoom in or out of the Google Map using the [+] and [-] controls on the map itself.

I don't see a Google Map in my Listing Set-up, or I see the wrong area

This either means that you entered an address that Google couldn't create a map from, or that Google misunderstood your address. At the moment there are no Google Maps for non-UK businesses. If you'd like that feature, let us know via the Feedback page.

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