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Editing Business Opening Times

Adding your opening times

Pink-Pound gives an easy way to add your opening days and times in an easy and standard format that Pink-Pound Members are used to reading. And you can also add exceptions (such as business holiday closures or public holiday opening times).

How to add opening times

  1. Select a day (or group of days) from the Day(s) column (eg. "Monday", "Mon-Fri", "Mon-Sat", "Every day")
  2. In Period 1, enter your Opening and Closing times in 24-hour clock.
  3. Use Period 2 if you close for lunch, or have two opening periods per day (eg. "Lunch-time" and "Evening")
  4. Un-tick the "Open?" checkbox for any periods the business is closed
  5. Click "Add another line" if you run out of rows (you can have up to 7 rows in total)
  6. Click "Remove last line" if you want to delete the last row.
  7. Add any exceptions such as public holiday working or business holidays in the "Exceptions" input box.
  8. Un-tick the "Display?" checkboxes for "Opening Times" or "Exceptions" if you don't want them to display.

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