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Editing a Business Listing

Creating and editing your listing details

Pink-Pound has given you the tools to make the most comprehensive business directory listing you'll find anywhere; easy controls to update it yourself; and integrated it in a powerful marketing machine.

Business listings are easy to set-up, in a sequence of three steps:

  • Step 1 is about your Business identify and contact details
  • Step 2 is about presenting your business - all optional information, but all useful in bringing you business: your product or service summary, adding your logo and a picture gallery, telling customers your opening times and how to find you, and adding your own content (which could be a price list, special offer list, menu, detailed service description or whatever you like
  • Step 3 is about persuading Pink-Pound Members to give you their loyalty (including adding a Member Offer), previewing and publishing your listing.

How do I create or edit my listing details

Here's a quick summary of how to create or edit your listing. The Help pages linked at the bottom of this page give specific help with each step.

  1. Log-in to Pink-Pound if you're not logged-in already, using the log-in box at the top right of any screen
  2. Click "My Businesses" in the logged-in box
  3. If you've already created your business listing, click Edit [Business Name] for the business you want to edit
  4. If you're creating a new business, click "Add New Business" (see the Help page "Add a New Business" for full details)
  5. Give your business a name and fill in the details in the three steps (you don't have to do this all at once... you can save an unpublished listing and come back to it later)
  6. Preview your listing in Step 3 to make sure everything appears as you want it
  7. Click "Publish" to make your changes visible to everyone.

I clicked "Publish"... can everyone see my listing now?

If your status is "Active" or "Voting", everyone can see your business listing; and you'll be able to see it yourself by clicking your business name heading in "My Businesses" page. A business listing with any other status is not visible. Here's an explanation of business statuses:

  • Active: means you have passed the Member's vote, your listing and account are in good standing, and you have a permanent place in the directory
  • Voting: means you are in a seven-day Candidate Period, where Members can vote your listing into or out of the directory. Every new listing enters a Candidate Period before being accepted permanently into the Pink-Pound directory; and changing the Member Offer will return the listing to a Candidate period. (Note: adding a Member offer where there was none before doesn't extend or re-start the Candidate period)
  • Awaiting Confirmation: if you set a business e-mail address which is different from your own address or the address of any of your business's contacts, you'll have been sent a confirmation e-mail with a link to click before your business is available in the directory.
  • Awaiting Charge: if you have a requirement for your payment details to be on-file (eg. you have an international Membership or an x-rated business) but you don't have current, valid payment details on file, you will have to add/renew your payment details before your business is available in the directory
  • Suspended: if your account loses good standing (automatically because of persistent payment problems or expiry of an international Membership; or manually by an Admin following a decision that your use of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk broke the Terms and Conditions.

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