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Editing My Profile

How do I update My Profile?

To edit your Member Profile:

  1. Log-in to your account, if you are not logged-in already
  2. Select "My Account" from the logged-in box, at the top right of each screen
  3. Select the "Edit Member Profile" link from your "My Account" page.

Changing your e-mail address

If you change your e-mail address, an e-mail address confirmation will be sent to your new e-mail address and your Member status will become "Awaiting Confirmation" until it is confirmed.

Changing your country

If you change your address to a country outside the United Kingdom, there will be a £5 per year Membership charge.

If you change your address from a country outside the UK, membership will be free from that point, but no partial refunds will be given. (Bear in mind that international Membership cards have an expiry date.)

My post code, landline phone or mobile phone number are rejected as invalid

www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has mechanisms to check the validity of e-mail domains, web addresses, landline phone numbers, mobile phone numbers and premium phone numbers. If you have definitely entered a valid detail but it is rejected, please contact Pink-Pound via the Feedback page. But first please check these things:

  • If you have a non-UK landline or mobile phone, it should be entered in an international format (either 00 or + followed by the country code, area code and telephone number)
  • If you have a personal number beginning 070, that does not qualify as a UK mobile number.

What about things I can't change?

Some fields cannot be updated, because they are normally static information, or require a replacement Membership card. If you can show a genuine reason for the change, the change of details and replacement Membership card (where necessary) will be processed with no charge.

  • If you change your name, we will make the changes (including changing your Member ID at your request) and issue a new card for free if you send a copy of your change of name deed and return your old Membership card
  • If you change your gender, we will make the changes and issue a new card for free if you send evidence of your gender change and return your old Membership card

What happens if I entered my information incorrectly in the first place?

If you deliberately or carelessly entered details incorrectly, and then realise that you have an invalid Membership card because it doesn't match the name of your secondary, that your payment card doesn't work because it's validated with your date of birth, or that you don't receive your Membership card because you've not entered your real address, please contact Pink-Pound via the Feedback form and explain the situation.

But you will need to return your incorrect Membership card if you received it, and there will be a £5 admin charge to put that right, and issue a new card if necessary. Changing a date of birth which gave an age less than 18 years will only be done on receipt of a proof of age copy.

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