Feedback and Contacting

Getting In Touch with Pink-Pound

You can reach the Pink-Pound feedback page by clicking "Feedback" from the left-hand menu, or the "Contact Us" link in any footer.

We welcome all your feedback: questions, problems, fault-reports, suggestions, sponsorship requests and offers of help.

Especially while we're in the beta-phase of Pink-Pound, it's really important to hear from you, because there are bound to be some faults on the web site, and improvements to be made.

Do I have to be a Member to give Feedback?

No, you can give us Feedback as a Member or as a visitor. It's a slightly simpler process to fill-in the feedback form as a Member, but if you experience problems in signing-up, we know that you'll need to tell us about it.

How do I give Feedback?

To contact Pink-Pound, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Feedback link the left-hand menu of any page
  2. On the feedback form, select whether you are a Pink-Pound Member or not. If you're not, you'll be invited to give your name, e-mail address and a landline telephone number if you want to. (You do not have to give us any of these details if you don't want a reply.)
  3. Select the type of communication: basically, whether you are reporting a technical problem, or anything else.
  4. If your feedback concerns a particular web page, please paste the Page URL. (The URL of the page you were on before clicking the Feedback link is usually automatically inserted into this box.)
  5. Give your feedback a title (subject) so we can direct it to the best person to deal with it for you
  6. Enter your feedback. You can use up to 2,000, including new-line characters. (If you enter HTML codes, they'll only be treated as ordinary characters, so don't try to make the feedback pretty for us.)
  7. If you want to attach a graphics file to your message, (for example, a screenshot of a problem, or some artwork for an e-card), you can do that as long as the file size is less than 200KB, and the file is in .JPG, .GIF or .PNG file.(Hint: you can send us a screenshot from a Windows PC without any special software, by clicking your web browser window, pressing Alt+PrtSc to capture the screen image, then opening Windows Paint, pasting the image you captured and saving it as .jpg or .gif.)
  8. Select whether or not you would like a reply. (If you're a non-Member, we can only reply if you've given us some contact details.)
  9. Click the Submit button.

How long will it take to reply?

That very much depends on the volume of work we have at the time. But at the very least, you should receive an interim reply within two working days.