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Judging Candidate Businesses and Organisations

What's Judging Candidates all about?

www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is all about putting the power of the Pink-Pound back in your pocket, giving you the power to judge who is worthy of your loyalty.

Every business that lists on Pink-Pound knows that they have to impress the Members and attract votes, to make their listing permanent, because for the first seven days of their listing they're in a Candidate period, and you can vote them -in or -out. You decide the criteria, you and other members decide whether a business is accepted or rejected.

Being judged by Pink-Pound Members concentrates the minds of business owners to give you a proposal they believe you'll accept. That probably means giving the most generous Member Offer they can afford; but they may seek favour by telling you what they do for the gay community, or for the environment, or giving you a business proposition that is so attractive you'll want to vote them in.

How do I judge candidates?

Click the "Judge Candidates" link in the left-hand menu of any page, and you will see a list of businesses in the Candidate period.

  1. You can sort and filter businesses in the list to the ones relevant to you. Use the sort selector under the "Judge Pinky" graphic, and the "Selection Options" controls under the left-hand menu. Any businesses you've already voted for or against are marked.
  2. Click an entry in the Candidate list to see the full listing. You might not have an opinion about every business one way or the other, but you can use everything in the listing to decide whether you think it's worthy of your Pink-Pound or not.
  3. Click Pinky's thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons to cast your vote. If you're not already logged-in, you'll be asked to log-in when you make your vote. If you make a negative vote, you'll be asked to choose a reason for your negative vote from a list. Businesses will be able to see the reasons Members gave for their negative votes, but your identity will never be revealed.

Are there any rules for voting?

There are just a few rules to voting, to help make sure the system can work with integrity:

  • You can't vote for your own business, or a business for which you're a registered contact.
  • You can only vote once for each business, and you can't change your vote.
  • You can't go on a negative-vote spree and make only negative votes, otherwise a few Members could make sure there are no businesses in the Pink-Pound directory! You can make one more negative vote than positive vote in any day, and in all time. That means if you have made a positive vote for 5 businesses today, you can cast up to 6 negative votes today, unless your total from all time was already more than your total positive votes.

What score does the business have to reach to be included in Pink-Pound permanently?

By the end of the voting period, the business must have at least 10 votes, and at least 50% positive votes.

What happens if a business fails the Candidate Period

If the business fails the Members' vote, it is locked for six months. During that time the owner cannot re-submit their business listing and cannot list another business. Their business listing will be removed from the directory (although the listing set-up will still be available for editing ready for another try - if desired - in six months time).

What if Members maliciously vote against my business?

Any Member, even the most mean-minded ex-partner who is now your business rival, has only one vote. And the Member who casts only negative votes does not exist, because of the even voting rule. Promote your listing to your friends and customers, and give Pink-Pound Members an offer they can't refuse, and you'll surely be voted-in.


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