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Scheduling Public and Private Events

What's the Pink-Pound Events System All About?

It's about three things:

  • Viewing Public LGBT Events
  • Publicising Public LGBT Events in Your Area or that You're Organising
  • Keeping your Personal Appointments, Events, Anniversaries and Setting Reminders

How can I view Public Events and My Appointments?

You can reach the Events Calendar in three ways:

  • The Home Page has a mini-calendar. "Today" is always outlined in red. Dates which have a public event or your own private appointment are shaded. You can click them to say all public events private appointments, just on that day.
  • Click the "Events" link on the left-hand menu. You will see all public events and your own private appointments for the current month.
  • Click the "My Events" link in your "My Account" page. This page will default to your personal Events and Appointments.

For any Event, you can:

  • Click the title to see a summary
  • Click the Details link to see full details of the Event, and a Google map of the location if available; or
  • Click the Edit or Delete links to change or remove your own Public or Private Events.

Note: To protect your personal information, you'll have to log-in to see your own appointments. Just click the long button at the top of the Events list, or click "My Events".

How can I view Events and Appointments for another month?

You can navigate backwards and forwards using the Events Mini-Calendar, or by selecting a month and year from the drop-down selectors at the top of the Events List, and clicking the View button.

Clicking the Today link on the Event Mini Calendar will return to the current month's Events and Appointments.

Getting Reminders for Public Events

Every Event in the Events Calendar list has a check-box at the right-hand side. Just tick the box of any Event, and then click the Reminder button, to get an e-mail reminder 1-day before the event.

If the Event publisher changes or removes an Event notice, anybody signed-up for a notification will receive an automatic e-mail advice about it.

How do I create an Event or Appointment?

On the main Events Calendar page, click the Create Event button. If you're not already logged-in, you'll be asked to do so. If you're not registered you can Create a Membership. Next, fill-in the form on the Add/Edit Event page.

  1. Event Type: A Private Event is between you and your calendar. Nobody else can see it. A Public Event is for everyone to see. But when you first submit your Public Event it will be referred to a Pink-Pound Administrator for review. You'll receive an e-mail to tell you whether it's been approved and published. (It shouldn't take long.)
  2. Event Category: The available categories are just to make it easier to identify events in the calendar list. Different options are available for Public and Private Events. If you want to suggest a new category, please click the Feedback link and give us your suggestion.
  3. Title: a descriptive title of the Event.
  4. Start/End Time: you need to enter a date, but the time fields are optional.
  5. Alerts Me: Pink-Pound can send out an e-mail alert for Private Events, if you want one. Select from the drop-down list how far in advance you want the reminder to be sent. (For Public Events, you can set a reminder on the main Events Calendar page.)
  6. Frequency: You can schedule your Event to repeat every day, week, fortnight, month or year, if you want to. (if you have chosen a multi-day event, this option will be unavailable.)
  7. Location: all these fields are optional, but if you enter the address fields, Pink-Pound will try to place a Google Map on the Event Details screen.
  8. Web Site: If you enter a web site, it must be currently valid, otherwise you'll see an error. If you have problems with this feature, please give us Feedback.
  9. Contact Details: For public events, if the contact details are not your own, please make sure you have the Contact's permission before entering them.You can enter an e-mail address directly without worrying about it being picked-up by spam robots. The e-mail address will be displayed as a graphic, and the site is also protected from spam robots by other mechanisms.
  10. Description: You can enter a description of up to 1000 characters. HTML will not work, but any e-mail addresses you enter in this box will be displayed as a graphic.

I've Haven't Received My Reminder

  • If you haven't yet confirmed your e-mail address, you won't receive reminders until you do. If the Event finished before you confirm the account, you won't receive the reminder for that Event at all.
  • Check your spam box, to see if your alert has been filtered as spam. If it has, you might want to add admin@pink-pound.co.uk to your E-Mail White List, so it doesn't happen again.

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