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Your Pink-Pound Newsletter Subscription

What is the Pink-Pound Newsletter?

In addition to any permanent Member Offer, many businesses offer coupons or have sales. These coupons and sales may be for all their customers, or may be specific to Pink-Pound Members.

www.Pink-Pound.co.uk allows businesses to promote their time-limited sales and coupons in a free monthly newsletter, to Members who have chosen to subscribe. It can also include forthcoming Public Pink Events and Private Events from your own calendar.

The content of the newsletter can be different for every Pink-Pound Member, who can choose:

  • Just the Business Categories in which he or she is interested
  • In the whole country or just in the local region (within an approximate 50 mile radius)
  • With exceptions to local region, if selected, for listing with on-line web or telephone/mail-order sales.

How to reach the Newsletter Subscription page

To reach the Newsletter Subscription page:

  1. Log-in to Pink-Pound, if you are not logged-in already
  2. Click "Become a Member", in the logged-in box at the top right of any page
  3. Click "Newsletter Subscription", in the menu on "My Account" page.

Subscribing, un-subscribing and customising your subscription

You will be asked when you Become a Member whether you want to subscribe to the Pink-Pound newsletter. If you choose to subscribe, you can customise your newsletter preferences straight away or later.

  1. Subscribing: If you choose "Yes" to Subscribe when becoming a Member, you will receive the full newsletter unless you click the Customise Now link. If you select "No", you can subscribe from the Newsletter Subscription page in "My Account".
  2. Customising: the left-hand column shows each Pink-Pound category (plus the Pink-Pound Calendar option). You will receive offers from any business category with a tick beside it.
  3. Local Area: for any Business Category you choose to view, a tick in the next column will view only matches within your region (approx. 50 miles radius of your home).
  4. Exceptions to Local Area: a tick in the next two columns will drop the "Local Area" requirement for businesses which you can access from anywhere in the UK (businesses with web shops or telephone/mail-order sales respectively.

Customising your newsletter subscription can be set as you're Becoming a Member, or later.

What are limitations on businesses making coupons and sales?

There are some rules to make sure that Businesses do not overload the newsletter:

  • Businesses can make up to 3 coupons or sales in any month.
  • Every coupon or sale must be time-limited to between 1 day and of 6 weeks.
  • To feature in the newsletter, the business must have registered the offer in the business profile earlier by the last day of the month before the offer starts.
  • The offer will only appear in the newsletter on the month it starts.