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Add or Edit Payment Details

Why do you need my payment details?

Pink-Pound is essentially free to all UK Members. Only a few Members and businesses will need to register payment details. They are required in these cases:

  • Overseas Members have a small annual Membership fee. This is partly to cover a bigger admin cost, and partly to give some extra validation that the Member has given accurate information (for the sake of businesses), and partly to discourage overseas Members who have no particular reason to join Pink-Pound
  • If you lose your Membership card, or give us incorrect details which mean you need a replacement, there is a small charge
  • If you use a premium service which Pink-Pound must pay for (such as sending an SMS message or sending a premium e-card) that has a small cost
  • If you register a business and insist on listing a Premium Rate telephone number, there is a penalty listing charge
  • If you register an x-rated listing, there is a charge to cover extra supervision.

Note that although payment details are required from businesses in the two situations described, no transaction is even added to their account unless their business passes the Candidate period and is accepted into the directory.

How do you use my payment details?

This is how payments are taken in Pink-Pound:

  1. An entry is made in the transactions log (which you can view from "My Account") when you make a transaction on Pink-Pound (such as sending an e-card) - even if it's free
  2. If there is some charge, that will be followed by an invoice, which will be e-mailed to you and available for you to view in from "My Account". If the charge is very small, you may not be invoiced for some months.
  3. A few days after receiving an invoice, payment will be taken from the payment method provided. In the even that the payment was rejected by your bank, we will advise you by e-mail, and try again in a few days. If a payment is repeatedly rejected, Membership will be suspended.

What if my payment details expire?

If you have used your payment details to pay for some ad-hoc service, like sending an SMS, payment details are only required until that transaction has been paid for. But if you have an annual charge (such as Overseas Membership), it's a requirement that valid payment details on file. You will be reminded to enter new details from shortly before your current payment details expire. If you allow your payment details to expire, your account (and businesses listing if you have one) will be suspended until new details are entered.

How do I enter my details?

To enter a new payment details:

  1. Log-in to Pink-Pound, if you're not already logged-in
  2. Click the "My Account" button in the logged-in box, at the top-right of any screen
  3. Click the "Add/Edit Payment Detials" link, under "Payments" on the "My Accounts" Screen
  4. Select your card type
  5. Enter the card number (the field will not allow you to enter spaces, letters or punctuation)
  6. Enter the start date (if there is one on your card) and the Expiry Date
  7. Enter the Issue Number (if there is one on your card)
  8. Enter the security code (last three digits on the signature strip on the back of your card)
  9. Click the "Update" button when the details are complete.

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