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Privacy Policy

www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has put great care into protecting your privacy. In keeping with our policy of transparency, this document explains how your personal information is used, and how it is protected.

  1. Profile Data. Every piece of personal information collected during Member sign-up or subsequently has an explanation in an "info" link beside the input box to explain the reason the particular information is required and how it will be used. No information is collected without a specific purpose to provide the service to you. Your data will never be sold, rented or distributed to other companies or individuals. The only circumstances in which any of this data will be released are:
    1. Your e-mail address will be the "from" address of any e-mails (eg. e-cards) you send from your account
    2. Some actions (eg. joining Pink-Pound, winning the Prize Draw) will be logged as news on the site specifically in the format "[First Name] from [City] ..." (for example "John from London has won today's Prize Draw"). This format is used to provide friendly site news without personally identifying Members.
    3. If you send an e-card, or invitation, your name and e-mail address will be used in that correspondence.
    4. If you send an enquiry to a listed business or organisation, your name will be passed, and contact details will be passed according to your selection for that communication.
    5. Listed businesses may validate your Pink-Pound Membership by checking your Member number. They will be given the last 3 characters of your post code to ask you as an identity check.
  2. Mails: www.Pink-Pound.co.uk sends you mail in various circumstances. This section explains how that works:
    1. Some e-mails are sent by Pink-Pound on a one-off basis, as a result of some action of your own. These include a confirmation e-mail when you create your Membership, an e-mails when you have scheduled an event or appointment alert (and a notification if an event is cancelled),
    2. Some e-mails may be sent because you subscribed to them while using www.Pink-Pound.co.uk. All this kind of e-mail are "opt-in", which means they're only sent at your specific request (for example, Pinky's Prize Draw reminders and the Pink-Pound Newsletter. (Pink-Pound will never make you uncheck a box to opt-out of any e-mail). And this kind of e-mail always contains a link to a page where you can unsubscribe from the e-mail.
    3. Some e-mails are triggered by Members of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk to people who may or may not be Members. These include e-cards, Membership invitations and Business listing requests votes, recommendations or testimonials. This kind of mail is protected in several ways.
      1. Any kind of invitation or request e-mail can only be sent once by a Member or Member business to a particular e-mail address.
      2. Any kind of invitation or request e-mail is limited to 20 e-mails per day (to protect against spamming)
      3. Every e-mail of this kind has a link allowing the receiver (whether a Member or not) to opt-out of any further e-mails of a particular category or all Member-triggered e-mails. For example, receivers of e-cards can choose to opt-out of ever receiving a Pink-Pound e-mail from anybody, every again, or from ever receiving an e-mail of any kind from a Pink-Pound Member, ever again. If a Member tries to send an e-mail to an opted-out e-mail address, they will be advised that the owner of the e-mail address has chosen not to receive any mails.
    4. Business Listing Enquiry e-mails and replies are an integral service of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk to Member businesses. Any Member can send a message to a listed business or organisation, and the listed business can send one reply to each message. These protections are put in place:
      1. Members have to authenticate (log-in) before sending a message.
      2. Members can choose whether and which of their contact information to give to the business. (They can choose none, if they want, in which case replies will be returned only via the message system - the listed business will never even know your e-mail address.)
      3. For Members under 16 years old, no contact details are passed, and the only way for the listed business to reply is via the message system. Where a Member under 16 years old makes sends an enquiry using the Pink-Pound Message system, the business is also advised that the Member is under 16 years of age, because this may affect their ability to enter into a legal contract.
      4. Member businesses have a link in all received messages to refer abusive messages to an administrator.
      5. For Member protection and for reference of the listed business, a copy of all messages is kept for a few weeks.
    5. Occasional administrative mails will be sent to Pink-Pound listing businesses as part ensuring the smooth running of their listing. These include:
      1. Guidance mails during the Candidate period, to advise when the Business Listing enters and leaves the Candidate Period, he result of the Members' Vote, and advice of progress in the Candidate Period.
      2. Mails to inform about any problem with the listing or complaint made by Members
      3. An annual e-mail to verify the business contact details (listing businesses are required to confirm this e-mail).
  3. How your E-Mail address is protected: Member e-mail addresses are protected in like this:
    1. Your Member profile e-mail address is only given out if you use your account to send an e-mail from www.Pink-Pound.co.uk. For example, when send an e-card, or a Member invitation, your e-mail address will be the "from" address of the e-mail.
    2. If you have a business listing, you can choose whether or not to display your business contact e-mail address in your listing. If you choose to display the e-mail address, it will be displayed on the screen as a graphic, not as text, and the link is obfuscated. This means you can display your e-mail addresses without it being harvested by spam-robots trawling the internet. There are also automatic protections built-in to the site to identify and permanently ban IP addresses of any unauthorised robots or scripts.
    3. If you include an e-mail address in the contact details or description of a public event, the e-mail address text will be displayed on the screen as a graphic and the link obfuscated, in a similar way to business listings.
  4. Cookies: these are small pieces of data passed between a web server and browsers, and stored on your PC. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk uses cookies to improve your experience of using www.Pink-Pound.co.uk the system will put cookies on your PC. This section explains how we use cookies
    1. We use session cookies to keep you logged-in as you browse around the site, to remember when you return to the site (if you have left the "Remember me" checkbox ticked in your log-in box, which appears on every page) and to provide the recently viewed pages and e-cards services as you browse the site.
    2. We also use a cookie as a temporary store of some of your Membership information for speed of access. This data is encrypted for your privacy.
    3. We do not use tracking cookies or third party cookies. Because www.Pink-Pound.co.uk carries no advertising, no information about your use of this web site is shared with any other site.
  5. Secure Connection: any screen where you may have to enter sensitive information (eg. your payment details) is protected by secure socket layers (SSL). This means the data you send will be encrypted between your browser and the Pink-Pound web server. When you enter payment details, check to make sure that the URL begins https://secure.pink-pound.co.uk/.... and that your browser shows a locked padlock icon.
  6. How we keep your payment details safe. Because your payment details are of critical importance, they are secured by layer-upon-layer of security. They are transmitted only by an encrypted connection. Your credit card details are stored in a separate, secured and restricted database, and the credit card number is encrypted. Access to the server is secured and monitored automatically and with a manual daily review and regular security audits are made. Any security patches are applied within 24 hours of their release by the vendor. The physical server is kept in a data centre with world class secure access controls.