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Pinky's Daily Prize Draw

What is the Prize Draw?

Pinky's Daily Prize Draw is a fun game which gives a very good chance of winning a daily prize. There's one prize to be won each day (sometimes you'll have a choice). If it's won, the game is over until tomorrow. If it's not won there's a rollover every day until it is.

What's the Chance of Winning?

Unlike most games which have a tiny and unspoken chance of winning, Pinky's Prize Draw is just as it appears: there are 100 dots around Pinky's face, and you have a one per-cent chance of winning the prize each day. (So if you play every day, the chances are you'll win 3 or 4 prizes every year.)

How do I play?

First, answer the skill question. In the manner of skill questions, it's not too taxing. You'll be shown three business listings, one of which is Pinky's Business-of-the-Day.Just click on the links to find out which one; then click one of the answer buttons - A, B or C. (You'll be asked to log-in if you're not logged-in already.)

If you're right, you'll see a button to spin Pinky's wheel. If the dot stops right at the top of Pinky's face, you've won. Pinky will dance and throw confetti, and you'll be able to choose your prize.

You can play once every day, until the prize has been won.

I've Won - How Do I Claim My Prize?

There are two ways to claim your prize:

  • After you've won, you'll see a link on the page to collect your prize; or
  • You can click the link we'll send in an e-mail to let you know you've won.


  1. To receive your winner's e-mail and/or to collect your prize, you have to confirm your e-mail address. If you haven't already confirmed it, don't worry - do it now... your prize confirmation will then be sent automatically!
  2. You can collect your prize any time within a month. After that the prize supplier could be bored of holding your prize, and you'll lose your chance.

Yay, I've won more than once!

If you're lucky enough to win more than once before collecting your prizes, don't worry... select and submit your first prize, and you'll get another screen to select and submit your second prize, and so on.

If you've won a rollover of one or more days, you'll be able to choose all your rollover prizes on the same screen.

Daily Alert and Rollover Prize Alerts

If you're tired of remembering about the Prize Draw after somebody's already won the prize, you can sign-up for a daily reminder.

Or, you can request an alert every day there's a rollover prize!

Just tick the appropriate check-box after playing the Prize Draw to subscribe or unsubscribe. (You can also unsubscribe by following the 'unsubscribe' link from any alert e-mail.)

Why have a Prize Draw?

Well, mainly it's a bit of fun. But it also helps to keep businesses on their toes:

  • We hope that listing businesses will sponsor the prizes for you
  • Only the top 50% of recommended businesses get a chance to be "Pinky's Business-of-the-Day", so businesses are rewarded for Members' recommendations
  • We mail the businesses a week in advance of becoming "Pinky's Business-of-the-Day", and suggest they spruce-up their listing in advance; so it helps improve the site
  • And sometimes, when you look for the Business-of-the-Day you may find exactly the business and the offer you needed that day!