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Searching for Businesses

Searching on www.Pink-Pound.co.uk

Making a Pink-Pound search is much the same as making a Google search, except that it's only searching Pink-Pound business listings, and returns results from particular information (such as the business name, category, telephone number, town/city and post code) rather than the whole page.

How can I make a Search?

There are two ways.

  1. Enter the keywords you want to search for in one of the "Search keywords" boxes on the top-right of every page, or in the big search box in the middle of the Home Page.
  2. Make an Advanced search by clicking the "Advanced" link in the left-hand menu or the top right of any page. As well as having a general search box, the Advanced Search page lets you search for information only in particular fields. That could be useful, for example, if you want to search for a business called "101", but don't want to return all the pages where "101" is in the telephone number, address or post code.

What keywords should I use?

You can include any of these as keywords:

  • If you want to search for a particular business or organisation, enter its name, or a few letters from the name
  • A telephone dialling code. For example, if you want to find a business in Central London, you could enter 0207
  • A post code. For example, if you want to find a business near London Piccadilly, you could enter W1J
  • A town or city.
  • The type of business you're looking for. For example, if you're looking for a candle workshop, you could enter "candles", "wax" or "candle workshop".

Pinky can give you hints for making effective searches. Just click the link "Click for Search demo" on the Home Page for some sample searches.

Can I narrow down my results?

You can limit your search results to:

  • Just businesses near your home
  • Just businesses offering web sales or telesales
  • Just gay-owned or gay-friendly businesses
  • Just companies that serve the gay market
  • Only companies that have listed a Member Offer.

Under the left-hand menu of a Search Results (or Advanced Search) page, you'll find the control box for these options. To use the Proximity function to show business within a certain distance of your home, you'll need to be logged-in.

What do the results mean?

Search results show you all the businesses in the sub-category you have chosen, less any that you filtered with "Selection Options" and less x-rated businesses if you're not logged-in, over 18 years old and with x-rated listings enabled in your profile.

Each entry shows you:

  • The business logo (or a Pinky graphic if they didn't upload one)
  • The business name and address
  • Key profile information, and the distance from your home if you're logged-in
  • The business's Member Offer, if you're logged-in and if they've listed one.

To view the full business listing, click the logo, the business name, or "Click for details…".

What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

If the search results don't bring back the results you're looking for, you can click the "<< Modify Search Criteria" button to go back to the Advanced Search page to refine your search terms, or enter new ones.

But if Pink-Pound just doesn't have the businesses you're looking for, why not find a company outside Pink-Pound and send them an invitation. If they post a listing and make a Member Offer, you could be quids-in!

I'm searching for a business I know is in Pink-Pound, but I can't find it.

  • If the business listing has been published in the last 15 minutes, it may not be included in the results yet.
  • If the business is x-rated, you may have to log-in and will need x-rated listings enabled in your account, to see the business in your results
  • If you have some of the filters set in the "Selection Options" box, they may be hiding the business you're looking for. Try un-checking "Proximity" and set all selections to "Include All Options"
  • Perhaps the business is listed in a different sub-category: you could search for the business instead.
  • If the business listing has been suspended for some reason, it won't be listed.


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