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Sponsoring Pink-Pound Activities

Why would I want to sponsor something?

Although Pink-Pound carries no advertising, there are some opportunities to sponsor Pink-Pound tools that give value to Members. Sponsorship is providing a gift to Members:

  • An E-Card gives pleasure to many senders, receivers and Members who are just browsing
  • A Prize Draw Prize associates a fun game with your business (and of course gives particular pleasure to the winners!)

Anything you sponsor on Pink-Pound will carry your business name, and have a link to your Pink-Pound listing or web site (your choice). It will increase the number of user visits, increase awareness of your business, and gain appreciation of Members.

Sponsoring E-Cards

You can sponsor one or a series of e-cards. The e-card thumbnail will have a banner across it "Sponsored by: [Your Business Name]", and the card page will have a box in the margin with your business logo and name, linked to your Pink-Pound business listing or web site.

  • You can provide e-card(s) yourself, or sponsor the development of e-card(s).
  • The cost of developing e-cards is quite high, but they will be viewed and used for as long as they are popular - hopefully many years!

How much does it cost?

If you want to sponsor the development of e-card(s), a lot of factors will affect the cost. Just as a guide:

  • Flash Animation: It may cost £600 or more to develop a single Flash animated e-card. But a series of e-cards can use much of the same material, and further cards in the series might cost less than half of that price.
  • Photographs: You will either be paying for commissioning costs (photographer, model(s) and props) or buying a permanent license to use existing artwork. The cost may be £700 or more, but a well-planned photo-shoot can make a whole series of cards.
  • Digital Artwork: It will probably cost £400 or more to develop, but like e-cards, further images in the series might cost less than half of that price.
  • Cartoons, paintings and other art forms: the cost is too variable to give any guidance.

The cost is more than I could afford... how can I make it cheaper?

  • Why not share the cost of a series of e-cards among several businesses? It's usually much cheaper to develop a series of cards, and each participant can sponsor one or more cards in the series.
  • You can provide your own artwork. There's no charge at all, but you will have to meet the high standards of the www.Pink-Pound.co.uk web site. Send Feedback if you want to be added to a list of potential joint-sponsors.


If you provide your own artwork there will be some administration to ensure that www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has the legal authority to post the work. You will have to confirm that the work is your own property, and provide model sign-offs from any photographic subjects.

Sponsoring Pinky's Prize Draw

You can sponsor Pink-Pound Daily Prize Draw prizes from one to several months:

  • You can share sponsorship with several sponsors at the same time, so you may not have to supply or fund a prize for each day during the period.
  • You can either provide prizes yourself, or sponsor a prize supplied by a 3rd-party.

How much does it cost?

  • Each prize should be at least £10 in value, including postage
  • You can despatch the prizes yourself, have a supplier despatch the prizes, or we can despatch the prizes for you (with an admin charge).
  • If you offer the only prize for a month, it will cost from £300.
  • If you three business share a prize, it could be from just £100 per month. (Sharing prizes usually means allowing www.Pink-Pound.co.uk to arrange the prizes for a fixed fee, otherwise a popular prize may give an unfair weight to the sponsor providing it.)

Are there any restrictions?

The main restriction is that x-rated businesses can only sponsor x-rated e-cards (because non-Members and Members who choose not to view x-rated content will not be able to view your business listing).

Pink-Pound administrators will be the final arbiters of appropriate sponsorship content: it must meet the high quality standards and ethics of the site. For example, if you want to sponsor an e-card which is directly advertising your brand, it will be refused.

I want to be a sponsor... what do I do?

Please use the Feedback form to tell us the details of what you want to sponsor, and we'll contact you to arrange it.

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