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Pink-Pound Terms and Conditions

Members Terms and Conditions

We very much hope that you will get much benefit and enjoyment from your use of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk. The service has been genuinely designed to give the biggest benefits possible to both Members and Member businesses.

  1. Membership of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is open to everyone. It has been designed with the purpose of reclaiming the so-called "Pink-Pound" from its creators in the Marketing industry, who saw it as a way to milk the Lesbian and Gay market as a profitable market segment. But Members are welcome regardless of sexuality, gender, age, race, disability or religion, provided they join in the spirit of a friendly community.
  2. The main service of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is a business directory for gay friendly and gay-owned businesses and organisations that Members vote worthy of their Pink-Pound, to present their products and services.
    1. All Members of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk enjoy equal community benefits. Listing their business (or organisation) is a Member privilege. There are no listings on www.Pink-Pound.co.uk from non-Members; there is no advertising and no opportunity to pay for premium listings or to avoid the Candidate period.
    2. All Members have the opportunity to decide whether a business listing is worthy of their Pink-Pound, and can join in the Candidate process by voting for or against candidate listings. The only restrictions - to protect the integrity of the voting system - are that Members cannot vote for their own businesses, and the proportion of negative votes cast by a Member (in total and in any one day) can be only one more than the positive votes they cast.
    3. Business Listings are given tools to put forward their case for Pink-Pound loyalty (including a Member offer, profile, outline of business ethics and community involvement, Member testimonials, type of business or organisation and the appeal of the business as presented in the listing). The same tools give Members the information they need to vote listings in or out of the directory.
    4. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk provides other tools for the benefit and entertainment of Members. These include a Lesbian and Gay E-Cards system, an Events Calendar where Members can publicise Local and National "Pink" Events and a daily Prize Draw.
  3. X-Rated Content: to make the site attractive and accessible to a diverse audience, Members can decide whether to view x-rated content or not. Non-Members and Members who have chosen not to view elected content, will not see x-rated business listings or x-rated e-cards.
  4. Membership and Use: these are the rules of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk , which are simply your part in making sure the service is available and safe for all Members. For reasons of economy they are applied solely according to the judgement of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk admin users.
    1. Accounts are one-per-Member - no more, no less. Do not lend your Membership card to anybody - a Membership card is valid for the Member only. And do not try to join more than once: Pink-Pound has extremely limited resources, and cannot support such an expense. Either of these actions will result in suspension of your account, and a life-time ban.
    2. Use your Membership, account and the www.Pink-Pound.co.uk in the spirit of friendly community. Do not try to break-into or bring down the site; abuse or take unfair advantage of other users (including spamming or harassing Members or their businesses); knowingly give false information or make a false or deliberately misleading representation; or use the site for any illegal purpose. Any of these actions will result in suspension of your account, and a life-time ban.
    3. Keep your account in good standing: make sure payment of invoices for any chargeable services will be honoured by your bank, and keep your details up-to-date. Your account may be suspended while you remedy a breach of these rules.
  5. International Membership: www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is primarily a service for people resident in the United Kingdom, and they have a lifetime free Membership.
    1. International Members are welcome on an annual basis, for a small admin fee, which will be billed automatically until the International Member notifies www.Pink-Pound.co.uk that they want to terminate their Membership.
    2. International Member Cards have an annual expiry date, which is one month after their Membership expires, to give time for delivery of their new Membership Card.
    3. The admin fee covers the extra cost of administrating the Membership, and the payment process gives some extra validation of identity to help prevent abuse.
    4. International Members are required to have valid payment details registered at all times during their Membership. If the provided payment details are allowed to expire, Membership will be automatically suspended.
  6. Terminating Membership: Membership of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk can be terminated at any time by returning the Pink-Pound Membership card to the address on the reverse of the card.
  7. Safety: The safety and security of Pink-Pound Members and the integrity of the site has been carefully considered in every design decision of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk . However, every Member and every user is a part of the security provision. Please use the site facilities provided to report any behaviour which is unfair, illegal or breaches the Pink-Pound terms of service.
  8. Age: Unlike many sites, www.Pink-Pound.co.uk does not try to exclude Members based on age. No web site condition can police age effectively, so www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has made great efforts to make the site safe for all ages, and asks for the co-operation of all Members to keep it so.
    1. The site offers Members the choice of x-rated listings. Users under the age of 18 who elect to view x-rated content will be able to do so automatically when they reach 18 years of age.
    2. For the protection of under-16s (who are not old enough in British law to make a contract) and for the protection of Member businesses, we encourage under-16s who want to contact Member businesses to use the Pink-Pound message system. The system helps under-16 users not to allow their contact details (other than via the Pink-Pound message system) to be passed, keeps a record of enquiries and replies, and notifies the business listing to be aware that the Member is under 16 years old.
  9. COST OF THE SERVICE: www.Pink-Pound.co.uk was designed from ground-up as an essentially free service within the United Kingdom. Sometimes charges are unavoidable to cover additional admin and commissioning costs. Any chargeable service will be clearly notified in advance, and items invoiced in advance of being collected. Charges are made in the following circumstances:
    1. Membership of Pink-Pound is free to anyone in the UK. There is a small annual admin charge for overseas Members.
    2. If you lose your Membership card, there is a small charge to replace it.
    3. If you require an Admin to change details that you entered incorrectly, there is usually a small admin charge to correct them.
    4. There is a modest annual admin charge for supervising x-rated businesses.
    5. There is an annual penalty listing charge for businesses who list a premium rate telephone number. (Avoid it by not listing a premium number.)
    6. There is a charge for each SMS message sent, because www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has to pay.
    7. If completely new services are added in the future, they may have a charge.
  10. DISCLAIMER AND INDEMNITY: www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is provided as-is, and without warranty of any kind.
    1. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is not liable for any loss of service or damages arising from its use.
    2. You are expressly forbidden to view this web site from any jurisdiction which does not fully allow this exclusion in law.
    3. You agree to indemnify www.Pink-Pound.co.uk from any claim arising from any mischief or misdemeanour arising from misuse of the tools provided by www.Pink-Pound.co.uk for your use.
    4. These terms and conditions will be governed under the law of England. Any word, phrase or paragraph which is disallowed by a court will be struck from this agreement without affecting the remainder.


Businesses Terms and Conditions

We hope you will benefit greatly from your www.Pink-Pound.co.uk business listing. The terms and conditions below explain the service provided, and set out your responsibilities and Pink-Pound's responsibilities.


  1. Service Summary. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk business listings are intended to benefit two parties: gay-friendly listing businesses and their potential customers. Other than small, annual admin charges for x-rated listings, and listings that register a premium rate phone number, the service is provided for free.
  2. Who can make a listing? Any business may make a listing, regardless of size - whether you have a spare-time business or are a high-street name. You can list a charity, an organisation, a welfare group, or even a club. The listing must be honest, legal, and must be kept up-to-date.
  3. What is the process for listing?
    1. Listing businesses must first be Members of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk with a Membership status of "Active".
    2. A business listing has some minimum information required, but it will be most effective if you use all the provided tools which are relevant to your business.
    3. After you publish your business for the first time you may have to confirm the contact e-mail address (if it is not the same as the confirmed e-mail address of one of the business contacts) and you may have to register current payment details (if your listing has one of the two chargeable criteria and you haven't already got current payment details on file).
    4. Immediately after any requirements in section 3c above have been fulfilled, your listing will enter the "Candidate Period" during which time Members can vote for or against keeping your business in the Pink-Pound.
    5. After seven days, if your listing has passed the "Candidate Period", it is permanently in the directory (unless you change a Member offer, or unless your account is suspended).
  4. Member Offers. You are not obliged to register a Member Offer, but Members will decide on the basis of everything represented by your listing, whether it should remain in the directory or not.
    1. The reason www.Pink-Pound.co.uk provide free listings is so that businesses can use the marketing costs they have saved (as a minimum) as an incentive to Members, giving them a tangible reason to give you their loyalty.
    2. A Member offer can be added at any time. Adding a new Member offer (not replacing one that already exists) will not place your listing back in the Candidate Period, nor extend it.
    3. See "Listing an Offer" under "Responsibilities of Listers", below, for the terms and rules relating to making an offer.
  5. Candidate Period.
    1. For the first week of any business listing, the listing is in a "Candidate period", in which Members may vote, based on their own criteria.
    2. A Candidate Listing is successful if, at the end of the Candidate period, it has at least 10 votes, and a minimum of 50% positive votes.
    3. The Primary and Business Contacts may not vote for their own listing. However there is every reason to encourage your customers, friends and Members who know you or your business to vote for you. Pink-Pound gives you some tools to help you to promote your business listing, in the Candidate period and beyond it.
    4. About negative votes:
      1. To ensure the integrity of the voting system, Members are prevented from going on a "negative vote spree": there are limits to the proportion of negative votes they can make on one day, and in all time.
      2. If Members make a negative vote for your business, they have to select the reason for the negative vote from a list. These reasons will be shown in the "View stats" page (updated daily) for your business, up to the time when your listing becomes "Active". This is to cause Members to consider carefully the reason for their negative vote, and to give you valuable feedback.
    5. If your listing fails, it will be locked for 6 months. It will be unavailable in Pink-Pound searches or browsing, and cannot be republished. You will not be able to register another listing during this time. After the six months are up, you can try again, if you want to.
  6. Validating a Pink-Pound Member: for the convenience and protection of listing businesses that provide a Member offer, every Member of Pink-Pound will receive a physical Membership card like your own. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk gives you several ways to validate
  7. A Membership card presented to you:
    1. The card logo outline will glow under an ultra-violet light, such as those used for checking bank notes.
    2. The name on the card should match the name on a secondary form of identification if you request it. As a minimum, you must accept these forms of secondary identification: a bank card, a drivers licence, a passport, an age validation card.)
    3. From your Business Listing menu ("My Businesses") you have an option to validate Member cards by typing in the Member Number from the card. If a valid card number is entered, the last 3 characters of the Member's post code will be displayed, and the Member should confirm these to you, if requested.
  8. Suspension. The effectiveness of any business directory is reasonably judged by its accuracy and reliability. Pink-Pound asks for the help of Member Businesses to keep it accurate.
    1. Business listings may be suspended, at the sole discretion of Pink-Pound administrators, if:
      1. The business cannot be reached on its registered contact details after several attempts.
      2. If they are found to breach www.Pink-Pound.co.uk listing policies, or are to be connected with such a listed business.
      3. If complaints to www.Pink-Pound.co.uk from its Members convince the Pink-Pound admin team that the business may be bringing the directory into disrepute..
      4. If the primary contact for the business listing is suspended.
      5. If the primary contact for the business requests that the listing is suspended (for example, because his account is not in good standing).
    2. If your business listing is suspended:
      1. it will no longer be viewable by Members, and will no longer be returned in Search or Browse results.
      2. It may not be updated.
      3. You can contact www.Pink-Pound.co.uk Admin if you believe your listing (or Member account) have been suspended in error, or if you believe you have rectified the circumstances for suspension.
    3. Flagrant and serious abuses of Pink-Pound terms and conditions (including, but not limited to registering with multiple accounts in attempt to falsify the voting system) will result in a life-time ban, and public and permanent naming and shaming on www.Pink-Pound.co.uk with details of the offense.
  9. Sponsorship and Advertising.
    1. There is no paid advertising and no premium placement on www.Pink-Pound.co.uk.
    2. Your listing will be included in more marketing tools (for example, being chosen for "Pinky's Daily Prize Draw") if you are in the top 50% of recommended businesses.
    3. There is an opportunity for sponsorship for any Member or Member's Listed Business. For example, you may sponsor prizes for Pinky's Daily Prize Draw, or sponsor the development of e-cards. (X-rated business listings may only sponsor x-rated e-cards.)


  1. Keeping Your Listing Accurate and Up-to-date. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk has given you the tools no other business directory provides, to write your own free listing and market it safely. You agree to make sure all the details you enter are accurate, up-to-date, current, honest and lawful.
  2. Listing an Offer. Offers are fundamental to the Pink-Pound concept. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk completely removes the cost of marketing to its Members, so that businesses can pass on that saving (as a minimum) to their customers in the form of discounts and incentives. However some non-profit organisations may have little to give by way of an offer, and Pink-Pound Members will judge the value of a listing on a case-by-case basis.
    1. If you make an offer, you agree that it will be a genuine, readily understandable and unambiguous offer, that will form part of any contract between you and a Pink-Pound Member providing his or her Pink-Pound Member Card (and a secondary form of identification if requested).
    2. Any offer will be exclusive to Pink-Pound Members. For avoidance of doubt, exclusivity does not mean the offer cannot be made to any other group of customers, but it must be a benefit that customers in general will not receive.
    3. Any offer will apply in addition to any other discount or benefit being made available to customers in general, unless otherwise specified within the Member offer.
    4. Note carefully: after registering a Member offer, you will not be able to change or remove it for at least 6 months. If you change the Member offer after this time, you will be placed back in the Candidate Period, and if unsuccessful your listing will be dropped from the directory.
  3. X-Rated Listings. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk aims to keep its site safe and appropriate to all ages and sexual preferences.
    1. For that reason, any listing which advertises products or services or shows images or text which are not suitable for an average eight-year old must be listed as x-rated.
    2. X-rated businesses have to pay a small annual charge to cover the admin overhead of supervising their listing.
  4. Premium Rate Telephone Numbers. The whole idea of Pink-Pound is to allow listing businesses to give consumers a reason why they should receive their custom and loyalty. Forcing potential customers to pay a premium to contact the business stands against this purpose, and for that reason we urge you not to add a premium rate telephone number to your listing details.
    1. Everything on Pink-Pound operates by incentive; and for that reason there is an annual penalty charge for any business listing that includes a premium rate number (except for free phone numbers).
    2. Non-UK premium telephone numbers are not allowed under any circumstances, and any listings found using them will be suspended immediately.
    3. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk requires that you include a landline telephone number - even if you choose not to display it in your listing - so that www.Pink-Pound.co.uk can contact you in the case of any problem or administration arising from your listing.
  5. Contact Details. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk gives great flexibility in bringing Businesses and Pink-Pound Members together, with the only limitations being for the protection of Members and Member businesses. Listing busisinesses can provide e-mail address (which is displayed as a graphic to protect it from being picked-up by spam-robots), their business address, their landline, fax, mobile and (with a penalty charge) premium phone line, as well as linking their own web site. Or, if the business considers it appropriate, they may choose to display none of these. However, there are some minimum communications requirements:
    1. Pink-Pound Administration: to help verify Pink-Pound listers as genuine, and to ensure that listing businesses and organisations can be contacted in the case of enquiry or problem, an e-mail addresses and a landline telephone number on which the business contact can be reached must be provided; even if it is not displayed in the listing.
    2. Message System: www.Pink-Pound.co.uk provides a controlled message service as a benefit to Members and Listing Businesses. Logged-in Members can send a message to Businesses via a form on the Business's Listing page, and Listing Buisnesses can send a reply. All messages can be sent without the senders needing to reveal their contact information if they don't want to. Businesses will receive messages via e-mail and in their Business Listing settings. Particular protection is provided for under-16s and businesses who receive their enquiries (see the Privacy Policy). Member businesses agree to support Member communications by the Message System and any other contact details they display on their listing page; and to provide replies to Members in timely fashion.


  1. Disclaimer and Indemnity. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is provide as is, and without warranty of any kind.
    1. www.Pink-Pound.co.uk is not liable for any loss of service or damages arising from its use.
    2. You are expressly forbidden to view this web site from any jurisdiction which does not fully allow this exclusion in law.
    3. You agree to indemnify www.Pink-Pound.co.uk from any claim arising from any business listing for which you are a contact or any mischief or misdemeanour arising from misuse of the tools provided for promoting your listing.
    4. These terms and conditions will be governed under the law of England. Any word, phrase or paragraph which is disallowed by a court will be struck from this agreement without affecting the remainder.
  2. Changes: these terms and conditions may be viewed at any time in your Business Listing Set-up pages. Any changes will be notified via the www.Pink-Pound.co.uk message system.