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Viewing Your Account Transactions

What's a transaction?

Transactions are about both free and chargeable Pink-Pound services you've used. For example, you may want to refer to your transaction record to remind yourself:

  • When you create your Membership with Pink-Pound
  • When you sent an e-card. The transaction record will tell you when you sent an e-card, the type of e-card and who you sent it to
  • When a public event you submitted was published, modified or deleted
  • When a you send an enquiry to a business
  • When a business you create is published

Free transactions are recorded with a cost of £0.00. Any chargeable transactions will show you cost of the transaction.(These will never come as a surprise, because Pink-Pound tells you clearly before you do anything that carries a charge.)

What transactions carry a charge?

Some Pink-Pound services have a charge per use because Pink-Pound has to pay to provide them, or because they require extra admin:

  • Sending SMS Messages
  • Sending Premium E-Cards (www.Pink-Pound.co.uk supports premium e-cards, but there are none at the moment)
  • Replacing lost Membership cards
  • Correcting information which was deliberately entered incorrectly

Some Pink-Pound services have an annual charge, either because they require extra admin, are against Members interests, or/and because requiring a payment token gives some additional authentication that benefits other Members:

  • Overseas Membership
  • Listing a Premium Rate telephone number in a Business Listing
  • Having an x-rated business listing

Annual charges are added automatically on the anniversary of the Membership or of the Business Listing. The transaction for business listings is not created unless and until the Business Listing passes the Candidate Period.

When is a transaction invoiced?

Transactions are normally invoiced monthly, but small value transactions may not be invoiced every month and large value transactions may require payment before a service is provided.

Invoicing works in this way:

  1. An invoice is sent to your e-mail address, several days before the balance is taken from your payment card. It will show all items up to the invoicing time. Any disputed payments can be filed as soon as the invoice is issued.
  2. The balance of the invoice will be taken from your payment card. If for any reason the funds are unavailable, you will be advised by e-mail.

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