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Viewing a Business Listing

Quick Tour around a Business Listing

Pink-Pound business listings give you lots of ways to decide whether a business is worthy of your Pink-Pound, and give businesses lots of opportunities to make their case for your loyalty! Here's a quick guide to Business Listing Pages:

  • The name of the Business (or organisation) is at the top of the page. On its left is the Pinky logo for the Main Business Category. You can look at other businesses (or organisations) in the same category or sub-category by clicking on the "breadcrumb" links below the Business Name.
  • The Business's Contact Details: contact, address, phone/fax/mobile/premium, e-mail, web address, opening times, "how-to-get-there", Google map and the business photo album, depending which of this information the business supplied.
  • Business Profile: its owners, customers, market area and what it does for the world, the environment or the GLBT community.
  • The Exclusive Offer to Pink-Pound Members
  • The Voting Scoreboard (during Candidate period) or Recommendations Scoreboard (at other times)
  • Favourites: your chance to add the seller to your favourites list, get alerts when the business listing is updated, back in Candidate period or send the details to yourself as an SMS message
  • Send a Message to the seller
  • Tell us if the listing isn't operating within the rules of Pink-Pound.

Business Profile

The Business Profile gives a quick summary of the operating environment of the business or organisation. You can filter exactly the profile of business you're looking for, in the Search and Browse tools:

  • Whether it's Gay-owned or Gay-friendly
  • Whether it operates partly, mostly or wholly in the Gay environment, or if the market is anyone and everyone
  • Whether the business coverage is national, regional, national or global
  • Whether the business offers web, telephone or mail-order sales.
  • What the business has to say about its ethics, commitment to world, environment or the <acronym title="Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender">LGBT</acronym> community. (Member businesses have just 150 characters to give you the essence of their contributions.)

Member Offer

The Member Offer is a key part of a Pink-Pound business listing: the very reason we offer free listings is so that businesses can in exchange for their free marketing campaign they can give a generous Member Offer.

But an appropriate offer much depends on the nature of the business and the market in which they operate. Charities and non-profit organisations may not be in the position to make any offer at all. In the end, it's the Member's choice that counts, and the Member Offer is just one part of the decision.

There are some rules to make sure the Member Offer is not abused:

  • An offer must be genuine, readily understandable and unambiguous. It forms a part of any contract between a business and a Pink-Pound Member who provides his or her Pink-Pound Member Card (and a secondary form of identification if requested).
  • An offer must be exclusive to Pink-Pound Members: it must be a benefit that customers in general will not receive.
  • An offer will apply in addition to any other discount or benefit being made available to customers in general, unless otherwise specified within the Member offer.
  • Member Offers cannot be changed for at least six months; and changing the Member Offer returns the business listing to a Candidate Period.


For the first seven days of any Business listing (or if a Business changes its Member offer), the listing is in Candidate period. During that time any Member (except for registered contacts of that particular business listing) can vote for or against it.

Voting works in this way:

  • Every Member has one vote, which cannot be changed or withdrawn after the vote is made
  • If a Member makes a negative vote, they are asked to select the main reason from a short list. The reasons are shown to the listing Business as statistics to help them understand why the Member doesn't consider them worthy of their Pink-Pound; but no Member details are passed to the business.
  • The proportion of negative votes from each Member is limited to ensure the integrity of the voting system. There are no limits to the number of positive or negative votes a Member can make. But if on one day (or in all time) a Member's negative votes are more than their positive votes plus one, they are asked to make some positive votes first.


When a Business (or organisation) is not in the Candidate period, there is a Recommendation system which works in a similar way to the voting system: Members may give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to a Business listing. Like in the voting system, every Member has one vote and contacts cannot recommend their own business.

Recommendations are for a Business which you have experienced in some way. You may be a customer, a prospective customer, or a friend the owner or staff. You are giving your personal recommendation as a Member, to fellow Members.

Listing Businesses are rewarded for a high Recommendation score by more than its influence on Member decisions. For example, Pinky's Business of the day (which features in the Daily Prize Draw) is taken at random from the top 50% of recommended businesses.


Members can give short testimonials of their particular experience with a Listed Business or Organisation.

Testimonials work in this way:

  • Members submit a testimonial of up to 150 characters for Businesses or Organisations who they have personally experience. (Contacts cannot write a testimonial for their own businesses.)
  • The Testimonial is referred to the Business Listing contact(s) who can choose to whether to publish it or not. (These are 'testimonials' or endorsements: it would be unfair to publish a negative message which might have been left, for example, by a competing business or ex-partner.) Abusive submissions can be referred to a Pink-Pound Admin user.
  • If a Testimonial is published, it will appear on the Business Listing page.

Send a Message

Pink-Pound provides a safe and convenient service for correspondence between Members and Listed Businesses.

Many Businesses will choose to publish their e-mail address and other ways to communicate. But all businesses that seek the loyalty of customers and potential customers among Pink-Pound Members must support this base-level service.

This is how the Business Message System works:

  • Any logged-in Member can send a message to a Listed Business, and the Business agrees to reply in timely fashion.
  • Messages are sent to the Business by e-mail, and viewable from their Business Listing admin panel.
  • Any reply sent via the Message System will be forwarded to the Member by e-mail. The reply function only allows one reply per message from a Member.

All Members and Listed Businesses are warned to ensure their safety on-line. Pink-Pound takes steps within its control to provide a safe communications option:

  • Members can choose to send no contact details if they want to, which means Members can keep their e-mail address private.
  • Members under 16-years old cannot have their contact details automatically included in messages. Businesses will be advised if a message comes from a Member whose date-of-birth shows them to be less than 16-years old, because under-16s are not able to enter into a legally binding contract.
  • Businesses can reply without revealing an e-mail address to the recipient, if they want to.
  • Either party can report messages they consider to be abusive, directly to a Pink-Pound administrator. All messages sent through the Message System are stored for three months.

Report Abuse

If you believe a Business Listing does not conform with the law, or does not conform with the rules of www.Pink-Pound.co.uk (see the Member and Business Terms and Conditions), you can submit an Abuse report which will be referred urgently to a Pink-Pound administrator.

Even non-Members can submit an abuse report.

Main Section

The main section of every Listing gives lots of opportunity for Businesses (and organisations) to tell you about their product and/or service, and how to contact them. The Listing Business decides which information to display:

  • Contact Name of an individual within the Business who can help with Members from Pink-Pound Members
  • Business Address
  • Landline Phone Number (UK or international)
  • Mobile Phone Number (UK or international)
  • Premium Rate Number (Pink-Pound tries to discourage Listing Businesses from using Premium Rate numbers by levying an annual listing charge (except for free-phone numbers). The web site uses a BT pricing directory to provide the cost of calling a premium number as a guide, but Pink-Pound cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided. Non-UK premium rate numbers are not allowed in Pink-Pound listings any circumstances, and if discovered, the offending listing and the owner's Membership will be suspended immediately.
  • E-Mail Address (given various protections from web robots which harvest e-mail addresses to build "spam" mailing lists)
  • A Google map of the business address
  • Albums of pictures or photographs for the Business to present its offering
  • Opening Times (with exceptions for holidays, etc)
  • How to Find the Business
  • A Product and/or Service Description (which will be picked-up by search engines and usually used in their site description)
  • Free-text where Businesses and Organisation can give their own explanation of their products and/or service.

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