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Pink-Pound 2011 Survey


Pink-Pound is new and cool. But it's only good if lots of people find it useful. Please help by telling us about your Pink-Pound experience.

Have you sent any e-cards?


Pink-Pound has a fun selection of free lesbian and gay e-cards (both static cards and Flash animated cards).

We hope artistic Members will increase the e-card library in the future.

Have you used the Prize Draw?


Pink-Pound has a daily Prize Draw as a fun Member activity and another way to benefit Members and Member Businesses.

There's 1/100 chance in winning every go, and multiple rollover prizes if there are no winners for all day.

Have you judged any candidate businesses?


Pink Power is at the very heart of Pink-Pound. You can vote businesses in or out of the directory, depending whether you think they're worth your Pink-Pound.

You can flex your Pink Muscle, while Businesses have a chance to prove themselves to you.

Do you have a Business Listing?


Pink-Pound exists only to get a good deal for lesbian and gay people, and their friends; and to give a chance to gay friendly and gay owned businesses.

The bigger Pink-Pound gets, the more benefit for all of us. But for that, we all have to spread the word.

And finally:

If you have any suggestions for getting more Members for Pink-Pound, please share them. (But remember that Pink-Pound is not a business, and has no budget).