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67 Victoria Road
North Yorkshire
United Kingdom
YO11 1SH


Product and Service Description

Fireworks & Special Effects Company, providing WOW FACTOR at concerts, festivals, on stage & TV, public & private events. #SBS Theo Paphitis Award Winner. United Kingdom. ·

Let's be frank. We at Firework Events are not normal people, we are not a normal firework and special effects supplier.

If you have a question, we bend over backwards to answer it.

If you have a specific need, we go the extra mile to satisfy it.

If you know nothing about fireworks, we will go out of our way to explain them simply.

If you know lots about fireworks, so do, we! 

We'd love to discuss your ideas.
Is this all normal ?
No, of course not.
Welcome to the VERY
different world of
Firework Events.


Feel free to call us on 077561 73175 to discuss your requirements......


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