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Gay Owned


Customers: All or mostly Gay/Lesbian


Area: United Kingdom


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We are a gay owned business and more importantly a gay family who are trying to use our own experiences to help other gay couples start a family.

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Contact:Natalie Phillips-Drew
Studio 11 Zellig
Custard Factory, Gibb Street
United Kingdom
B9 4AA
Phone No:01212247345
Mobile No:07766690706

How to Find Us

Web address: Please visit: This is an online service only..

Opening Times

Every Day: 09:30-15:00 16:00-20:00
Exceptions: The website is fully accessible 24 hours a day.

Product and Service Description

My Partner and I began planning to start our own family in 2003 and after 2 years finally had our first child in 2005. Our first experiences of trying to find a reliable and trustworthy starting point were quite mixed and often unsuccessful; although many free forums were full of helpful and genuinely well meaning advice we felt there was nothing out there that met all of our needs in one place. After our first daughter the process of having our second child was much easier as we already had the contacts and the ‘know how' and our second child, a baby boy, was born in 2008. We always talked about how the process could be made easier for other similar couples who were looking to start their own families and started to think about designing our own website. Our concept was to provide an all inclusive site where couples can find a suitable donor, order the equipment and tests they need as well as provide a forum of discussion and support. We hope in starting this website that the experience of starting a family for anyone will be much easier and they will be able to find the help and support that is needed along what can be an emotional journey. We aim to provide a straight forward and easy to follow service to help people find donors or co-parents with helpful tips and advice along the way. So if you have the desire to have children that you too can love, support and cherish, we hope we can help!

GayFamilyWeb - The premier donor service

Here at GayFamilyWeb, we pride ourselves on offering you the best opportunity to find your perfect donor. Our quality service gives you access to donors from all over the United Kingdom and also gives sperm donors access to people who need them.

So whether you are searching for a donor or wish to become a donor yourself, GayFamilyWeb can meet your needs. Why not let us do all the hard work and sign up today.

Find a donor

Use our comprehensive search form to find a sperm donor today. To get started please visit

Become a donor

Our new shop is now online and you can visit it directly from our website:


"Let us do the searching"

With our ever growing number of donors, we can offer a reliable, effective and fast service that gets the right people in contact with you.  We hope to use our own experiences of becoming parents to help you fulfull your dream of becoming parents.