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Customers: Anyone and Everyone


Area: United Kingdom

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It is my desire and aim to make Sacred Sexual healing and exploration available to everyone... all genders and sexual orientations.

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Contact:Rebecca Lowrie
Mobile No:07903014364



Is your sexuality a source of joy and happiness?

Do you celebrate and enjoy yourself as a sexual being?

Would you like to heal past wounds around your sexuality?

Would you like to explore new areas of sexuality?


Sexual energy is healing, nourishing, beneficial to health and fun to 

explore.  It is raw creative life force energy.  It's a beautiful, natural 

part of who we all are as human beings...


Discovering this flow of sexual energy in us and creating a positive 

healthy relationship to it can:


- open our hearts and connect us to love

- awaken creativity within us

- increase our sense of self-worth and value

- expand our potential to give and receive pleasure

- give us an unlimited source of energy

- build more confidence in all areas of our lives

- increase health and happiness

- lead to enlightenment!


and so much more...


If you are inspired to find out more about Rebecca's work 

please contact her at