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It is sometimes to locate a gay theapist who understands the issues with life and I fully support those issues with experience and guidance.

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Contact:Barry Richardson
48 Dundonald Drive
Leigh On Sea
United Kingdom
Mobile No:07714704650

Opening Times

Exceptions: Will work bank holidays if required. Plenty of notice for annual leave.

Product and Service Description

A professional and confidential service using the highest standards of person-centred therapy, CBT and transactional analysis helping to deal with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sex and sexuality, relationships, HIV and AIDS etc.

As an individual member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists, I abide by their code of ethics and practice.


Client confidentiality is vital and maintained throughout the sessions.


Good counselling requires regular supervision and client confidentialty is maintained throughout.


Each session is one hour and fees are operated on a sliding scale dependent on income - details are discussed.


I maintain a non-judgmental, open and supportive relationship with clients. 


Female therapist available , if required, non-gay, but understanding.