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It has been estimate that the number of children nationwide living with at least one gay parent ranges from six to 14 million. The American Academy of Pediatrics released a statement that there are more similarities than differences in the way homosexual

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Contact:Barrie Drewitt-Barlow
23 Chandlers Quay
United Kingdom
Phone No:01621 878650


How to Find Us

you can find us at..: The British Surrogacy centre (UK) Harbour House 23 Chandlers Quay Maldon Essex CM9 4LF Tel: 01621 878650 Fax: 01621 851537.

Product and Service Description

The British Surrogacy Centre (BSC) was the first centre of its kind in the UK to open its doors offering surrogate, egg donor, sperm donor and co-parenting arrangements. It is seen in Europe as the leading facility of its kind.

For some people, Surrogacy is the only way of building a family for couples who are unable to have a child by more conventional means. Most women know from an early age that they will not be able to carry a pregnancy, perhaps because of a condition they were born with or because of a later medical problem. There are also those that have decided on surrogacy because of years of failed IVF attempts for them resulting in no pregnancy or recurrent miscarriages.

Whatever the reason you have come to the decision to go down the surrogacy route, you will be ready now to move on and make things happen. There are lots of things that you will want to know and talk about with someone who has maybe been through the process of surrogacy before. This is where we can help you. Unlike other services, we do NOT charge an “agency fee” for any information you get from BSC, we are happy to give it free of charge. We are very happy to direct you through the process of your surrogacy and with our UK centre can offer all the counselling for both the surrogate and the intended parents that will be required under our programme. There are small costs involved for professional assessments, CRB checks and for medical screening, but we can guarantee you that you will save at least 60-80% in charges by using the BSC as your partner in your path to parenthood

We have been able to build relationships with many clinics around the world, where we are setting up preferred rates for our members, again to drive down the costs of the procedures for IVF and especially for the fees for medical testing which we have now got down by 30%.

The facts are that if service providers want to work with our members, they need to give our members a better price on the services they provide. Otherwise we will shop around to find other qualified professionals that will. Our aim is also to look at the legal side of the surrogacy and to find quality firms that are going to give you your moneys worth! A firm that is not just interested in scaring you into services that you don’t actually need them to provide because you can actually do a lot of the work yourself, with our guidance, online like many other intended parents did before you, saving thousands of pounds in the process!

Types of surrogacy

If you still have embryos in storage from previous attempts of IVF, the process can start a lot faster than having to wait to harvest eggs and going through the fertilization process all over again. It might be that you can use your own eggs, as these could be fine but you cannot carry a pregnancy to term for whatever reason, but if not, you may want to consider an egg donor. With this method, you would take eggs from one woman, fertilise them and place them into the uterus of our surrogate. This type of surrogacy is called a gestational surrogacy arrangement, whereby your surrogate mother carries your baby.
Some intended parents do not use an egg donor, and opt for traditional surrogacy; this method basically means that you would use the surrogate’s eggs to achieve a pregnancy. This method is not used as often these days as it used to be, but it is still possible to find a tradition surrogate. This method means that the surrogate carrying your baby is also the biological link to any children born.
Some surrogacy arrangements also involve eggs from the intended mother and sperm from a third party donor.

Surrogacy in the UK

Surrogacy is LEGAL in the UK and as long as you work within the law, it is a very easy process to get through. Your assigned social workers role is to make sure that everything is explained to you in a way that you can understand it, that everything is going at the pace that you can work too and that you are ready once your surrogate is pregnant to cope once the child is passed into your care. We pride ourselves on our attitude of inclusiveness and encourage people from all walks of life to come and talk to us about their needs, but the main area of concern for us will always be the welfare of any children born through surrogacy. We feel that it is our duty to make sure that any child born through surrogacy is protected 100%. This is why we insist that anyone going through the BSC is CRB checked first of all and that as many checks are performed as possible. Everyone has the basic human right to be able to have a child, not everyone deserves to be a parent!

International Surrogacy

There is no doubt about it; foreign surrogacy arrangements ARE attractive, which is why hundreds of couples every year go to America and other destinations to find a surrogate and egg donor. The laws on surrogacy are very encouraging for us to travel abroad and get our babies handed over to us without too much fuss at all. The BSC team, have many years of experience to share with you in making this work. There has never been a case in the UK where a court has refused entry to a child or children born through surrogacy arrangements abroad, into the UK. The application for parental orders are really straightforward too and one of our social workers will be happy to complete the forms with you and make sure your application is sent in, in the correct manner. Our social workers will also help you through the paper work for application for citizenship into the UK. Of course nothing is ever guaranteed with regards to positive outcomes, but we have years of experience at making these applications on behalf of families crated through surrogacy and we will save you thousands of pounds in the process.

Parental Responsibility

Your surrogate mother will be your child’s legal mother under English law, regardless of where in the world you conceive and regardless of what any foreign birth certificate says. If your baby was born in the USA, the correct path your take will safeguard you as the parent. You will have been advised to get your parental order in place when your surrogate was around 6-7 months old, giving you the absolute power or right of parenthood, over your new baby. There has NEVER been a case in the UK over the past ten years where the immigration or home office in the UK have refused right of abode or entry into the UK for a child born by surrogacy in the USA to either a straight couple or a gay couple.
It is also worth noting that once your baby is born in the USA, we can also petition the courts to have both the intended parents names put on the birth certificate. There will be NO mention of the pregnancy being a surrogate pregnancy whatsoever. Please also note that this is NOT meant to deceive, it is a positive way forward for you to be recognised as the parents of your baby.

Maintaining your family’s legal position

Wherever in the world a surrogate child is born, the English law solution for surrogacy situations is a parental order. A parental order reassigns parenthood fully and permanently to you both, and extinguishes the legal status and responsibilities of your surrogate mother (and her husband). It also leads to the reissue of your child’s birth certificate (or the issue of a first British birth certificate if your child is born abroad) naming you both as the mother and father. Married couples have been able to apply for a parental order since 1994 and unmarried couples from 6 April 2010. For more information about parental orders, including the application process and the criteria, please get in contact. You do not legally have to take this step but it is something that is available to you should you wish. Again, your assigned social worker can go through all the paperwork for you and help with the submission.

Surrogacy law: how can we help?

The British Surrogacy Centre has the most experienced team in the UK on international surrogacy. Our experts have worked in the USA, India, Japan and the UK with couples requiring assistance. No other organisation has had the amount of experience anywhere in England on the subject of surrogacy then the team at BSC AND WE ARE HAPPY TO SHARE THAT KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU.

  • Advice on international surrogacy, including travelling home with your family, entry clearance and citizenship issues, with experience dealing with the USA, India and many other jurisdictions
  • All of our Social Workers are up to date on all issues of UK surrogacy law, including parenthood following surrogacy and the legal framework and restrictions on surrogacy in the UK,
  • Case managing the preparations for parental order applications (including giving guidance to parents in more straightforward cases to enable them to represent themselves and recommending legal teams around the UK who will fight your case for you if need be),
  • Providing professional social work representation in disputes in relation to surrogacy, and child protection issues if they arise.
  • Keeping up to date case management files on Intended Parents throughout the process that can be used in cases later on down the line if needed to back up your case should there be a need to go to court to prove parental responsibility etc. (we will keep a detailed account of your case in your file, this will account for your expenditure during your process so it can be clearly seen that you are not breaking the law in any way regarding payments to the surrogate for expenses etc. all signed of and approved by your social worker)
  • Our aim is to secure your family’s position and to make sure that once you go through the process of surrogacy, you have the absolute legal right to keep your child and bring them home.