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Contact:Joanne Sindrey

Product Description

Our Stag, Hen, and Sten/Hag, treasure hunts are available in over 100 UK destinations including, Newcastle | Manchester | Brighton | Cambridge | Bristol | Bath | London | Manchester | Liverpool. Also suitable for Birthdays and other social gatherings

Hen hunts, treasure hunts with a difference. All our hunts have town/city specific clues as well as a shopping list, photo task list and word quiz, but unlike some other treasure hunts there is no route to follow and answers are not always obvious, therefore you can all start at the same place and time without the worry of teams following each other around.  You will also find that in our hen hunts there are more questions and tasks than time available and you will need to think laterally as well as literally in order to score more points than the other team(s) making our hen hunts a highly competitive and fun event.


How flexible is the hen hunt? Our treasure hunts are designed to last for 1-3 hours and there will always be more clues than time available, therefore you can vary the length of time you allow to fit in with the rest of your schedule. If morning activities overrun or train delays mean you are running late, no problem simply shorten the time you allow for the hen hunt to get you back on schedule. Want to start at one venue and finish at another? Sure why not? Because the hen hunt has no fixed route you can start and finish anywhere within the town or city centre where your treasure hunt has been set.


What is involved? The hen hunt will have you and your friends literally dashing around the town and in and out of a few pubs too, in order to answer questions, fulfil photo assignments and collect the shopping list items. Our hen hunts are not for shrinking violets you will need to chat up the local guys/girls in order to collect some of the hen shopping list items and you will definitely need their cooperation for some of the photo tasks too; but don’t worry we won’t ask you do anything distasteful or sleazy and if you want an alcohol free treasure hunt then we can accommodate this for you too. We have hen hunts in most of the major towns and cities in the UK and several European Capitals too,  just check out our venues page to find the one most suitable destination for your event.


We have DIY treasure hunts for every occasion, hen parties, Stag dos, special birthdays, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and so on, so whatever you're celebrating why not spice up the festivities with one of our personalised DIY treasure hunts.


Our hen hunts are treasure hunts for groups which are designed to be 1 –3 hours of fabulous, cheeky fun and with prices starting at just £100 for a personalised DIY hen hunt package, our hen hunts represent excellent value for money. A great icebreaker for your stag or hen weekend, your stags or hen will soon get to know each other during this exciting event as they work together as a team to outsmart the other teams competing in the hen hunt.


If a DIY hen hunt is not for you why not ask us for details of our facilitated hen hunts. To find out more:-email

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